AGSM Affiliate Membership

AGSM Affiliate Membership AGSM_AF_ICON_AF_200

Affiliate membership is now available for Administrators, Surveyors, Voids Officers, Mutual Exchange Officers and other front line staff closely involved with gas safety work within their organisation.

Providing staff with the opportunity to build on their gas safety knowledge and develop their career, Affiliate membership is a unique opportunity to join an increasingly successful Association in Social Housing.

Members are able to offer each other peer group support via a range of channels. Providing advice and sharing best practice will prove invaluable in meeting the demands of their increasingly varied roles and in supporting the gas manager.

Becoming an Affiliate member demonstrates a commitment to excellence in gas safety.

Affiliate datasheet photo 2Why join us?

The social housing sector is undergoing a period of significant change and restructure. In such challenging times, being a part of the AGSM network has never proven so valuable to our members, providing a support network of peers, on-hand to offer advice and support. The AGSM has become for many, a central part of their day-to-day working life.

How do I join?

Open to anyone who is studying for, or has completed, the industry recognised CORGI Level 2 VRQ Award in Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing. Please download the Application Form HERE AGSM Affiliate Membership application form

Improve your job satisfaction and service delivery with a leading industry qualification

The CORGI Level 2 VRQ in Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing is a unique qualification designed to raise staff awareness of gas safety issues. It provides national recognition for subject knowledge and expertise and gives delegates the confidence to identify and act upon everyday situations.Read more about the course HERE.

Benefits of Affiliate Membership:

  • Valued member of AGSM
  • Career development – a springboard to professional membership of the AGSM
  • Recognition by peer group and management
  • Online forum ONLY for Affiliate members to share Q & A and information
  • Free E-learning resources
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Discount on CORGI Level 4 Gas Safety Management & Electrical qualifications
  • Annual AGSM Affiliate Member’s Journal
  • Affiliate members section in magazine Ignite!
  • Register of Affiliate members on AGSM website
  • Annual Awards to recognise Affiliate member’s contributions to gas safety

Download the AGSM Affiliate Membership Datasheet HERE:- AGSM Affiliate membership

First AGSM Affiliate Ambassador Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group reception with Association

Phillippa Sturdy, Contracts & Planning Officer for Ongo Homes

“I am very pleased to have been asked to be the first AGSM Affiliate Ambassador. It is important for anyone who is involved with gas work in their organisation to be fully aware of safety and regulatory issues. Through membership of the AGSM, people working in support and administrative roles will benefit from the information, networking and training offered by the AGSM.


For more information about the CORGI VRQ Level 2 Award or for details about AGSM Affiliate membership, please contact us on 01256 548040 or email