Women in Compliance


This year, it will be 100 years since women officially received the vote on the same terms as men. We are often told the gender gap is continuing to shrink, disparities in levels of pay are diminishing and, overall, the professional landscape for women has greatly improved.

However, as women, we are more than aware that this is not always the case and the path ahead is not always straightforward. So the question is how can we help women, a key contributor of any successful team, take a more active and fulfilling role?

As women working in the compliance sector, men in the workplace significantly outnumber us. Of the top 100 housing associations only 22 are led by women. Men continue to have higher-ranking positions, receive higher earnings and, quite often, less childcare responsibilities. These issues just scrape the surface and we’re curious to find out what the real issues and reasons are for lack of career progression amongst women in our industry. We suspect they have much to do with personal confidence and possibly lower expectations than those of our male counterparts.

The AGSM are committed to supporting women in our sector to support women achieve their aspirations.

The AGSM have launched ‘Women in Compliance’ a new initiative dedicated to empowering women. Women in Compliance, will offer women working in social housing and facilities management the opportunity to receive support and mentoring within their role with the objective of developing their confidence, career and providing a space to talk openly and freely about the challenges faced.

The AGSM Scotland National Conference & Exhibition in September will play host to the next networking session for Women in Compliance and all women are invited to attend.

If you would like further information on joining or participating in the group, please email cappleton@corgitechnical.com. 


Women in Compliance is kindly supported by Intergas