A New Deal For Social Housing – Have your say…

The Government have recently launched a green paper aimed at reviewing and eventually reforming the social housing sector. It covers 5 aspects of  social housing:

Ensuring homes are safe and decent – addressing safety, repairs, maintenance, and poor living conditions

The need for swift and effective resolution of disputes – addressing the time taken to do so

Empowering residents and ensuring their voices are heard – driving better services and ensuring residents have more choice and control

Improving people’s experience of living in social housing – by encouraging greater professionalism and customer service culture in housing management

Boosting the supply of social housing and supporting home ownership

The section of this document of particular interest for the AGSM and AESM is within the ‘Ensuring Homes are Safe and Decent’ section, which raises the question to whether heating systems in social housing properties should be reviewed and replaced to improve energy efficiency, and also questions whether the frequency of electrical inspection guidance in the private rented sector (currently set at 5 years) should be applied to the social housing sector.

You can read the full green paper here. 

If you would like to respond to any of the points raised in this document, the deadline is Nov 6th 2018 at 11.45pm. You can submit your response online

or download a form on the gov.uk website