Gas Access Campaign

The AGSM has joined with CORGI Technical Services and Home Group to spearhead the Gas Access Campaign.

Gaining access to properties to carry out gas safety checks  has become a major issue for social landlords, with lives being put at risk and considerable sums of money being wasted each year on trying to gain access.

Gas Access Week 2016 logoGas Access Week was launched in April 2015 and a Social Media Thunderclap was sent out during the Gas Safety Management Conference 2015 to thousands of followers calling on the HCA to change legislation!

Read more about Gas Access Week 2016 and the Gas Access Week Competition

The Campaign is proposing

  • a new power of entry for social landlords that can be used to gain entry to carry out gas safety checks when tenants refuse access
  • An MOT style approach to gas safety checks. This would mean that checks could be carried out up to one month before the expiry of the current gas safety check record, but the new safety check record would be dated such that it is valid for a full twelve months from the expiry date of the current safety check record. This ensures that the safety check cycle is not shortened each year

The Campaign is calling on the Government to beef up legal powers to allow regulated social landlords to access their properties to carry out mandatory gas safety checks. The Law rightly requires all landlords to carry out annual safety checks on any properties they own which have gas supplies.

But, while Local Authorities can get same-day court orders to force entry to properties where tenants refuse access to gas engineers, it can take up to four months for social housing providers to gain access.

Data from the AGSM following a survey of members in 2014, shows that the delays caused by tenants who refuse access to properties costs housing providers £493,690,890 over a 10-year period.

Make your own calculations using the new AGSM Gas Access Waste Estimator which shows how much you could be wasting in your organisation each year. CLICK HERE to go to the AGSM Gas Waste Estimator.

We need an amendment to the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 to insert specific rights of entry that would be granted by the Courts if all reasonable access attempts had been made.

Visit the Access Campaign website on to read more details, see who has signed up to the campaign and to add your name to the other campaigners.

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