AGSM Supplier Excellence Awards – category criteria





Now more than ever we need to work alongside and recognise the excellent work suppliers in the gas, plumbing and renewable industry are doing.

Excellence, Innovation and going the extra mile – if you’re doing it we want to know about it

1. Renewable Project of the Year

Renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role in our communities. What renewable projects have you initiated and what has been the impact?

2. Collaboration of the Year

Working together is vital to our future. Who are your partners and stakeholders who help make things happen? How have you partnered with other organisations? Have you worked with housing providers or councils to help them achieve their goals?

3. Gas Industry Innovation

Suppliers are continuously seeking new and inventive ways of improving their offerings, bringing new exciting products and services to the market. Innovation should be recognised for the huge contribution it brings to the sector. Get recognition for your products & services and tell us about the impact they are having.

4. Commercial Gas Contractor of the Year

Commercial contractors work across the sector providing advice, compliance, safety and much more. Get your work and your organisation recognised for your contribution to the sector. At what do you excel?

5. Sustainable Contractor of the Year

During these times of austerity and fuel poverty, housing providers are asking more of their contractors. How are you addressing sustainability? Can you inspire others to become more sustainable and learn from your experience?

6. Women’s Leadership

For an industry to be successful it must have diversity at all levels. Women bring a whole range of complementary skills to this sector and we need to recognise and celebrate their achievements. Inspire other women in the industry and tell us about your success story!

7. Contractor Initiative of the Year

High standards in service and maintenance are the bedrock of this sector. Safety and efficiency should come as standard. What are you doing to stand out from the crowd – how have you gone the extra for your clients?

8. Training Initiative of the Year

Excellence in training lies at the heart of every great product, service or education. What initiatives have you introduced to ensure your organisation or indeed others are achieving peak performance?

9. Social Housing Boiler Innovation

Innovation, innovation, innovation, it’s the only way forward and boiler manufacturers are great at it!

Tell the gas world about your new inventions – improving safety, energy efficiency, ease of installing and servicing, longer guarantees…we’re all dying to know what you’re up – put in for an Award and get your message out there.

10. Boiler Manufacturer Customer Service Excellence

Customer service is about going the extra mile for your clients – we know you do it every day. Tell us about the good work you’ve been up to, we are promoting excellence.

11. Best Initiative to Combat Fuel Poverty

There are growing numbers of people in fuel poverty – something none of us want. What is your organisation doing to address this? Inspire others with your projects and ingenuity!

12. Young Person’s Achievement (under 35)

We have a growing problem in the industry, with huge amounts of knowledge and experience needing to be passed down to the younger. Young people are the future – what are you doing to educate, value and recognise young people?