Bill Paton closes Conference and looks to the future

“This has been a very successful first Conference and with your feedback and guidance we will look forward to building on that success with next year’s event,” said Bill Paton, Joint CEO of CORGI Technical Services as he closed the Gas Safety Management Conference 2013.

“This Conference is the realisation of a vision by Claire Heyes, Joint CEO of CORGI Technical Services,” continued Bill. “It was set up as a new and exciting event to bring people together, share best practice and help to move our industry forward with one vision for the future. We certainly achieved that today, so thank you to Claire for having that vision.”

Bill highlighted the very moving talk by Stacey Rodgers as a key moment to bring home the important messages of gas safety. Her son Dominic died in a Carbon Monoxide incident and she has been a passionate campaigner for a raised awareness of CO poisoning ever since his death.

“I must thank the sponsors without whom this wouldn’t have been possible, the CORGI Team who have done an incredible job and the delegates, who engaged with great enthusiasm and have helped us to look to the future.”

“Thank you to everyone for coming and I shall look forward to seeing you at next year’s event,” concluded Bill.


Bill’s Summary at the Gas Safety Management Conference: