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Kim Morris

Further update issued by the HSE:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice for engineers and assessment centres on maintaining ACS qualifications

We have had reports that some ACS assessment centres have closed due to COVID-19, resulting in engineers being unable to take their ACS reassessment. Engineers are expected to take all reasonable measures to maintain their ACS qualifications, including planning ahead where possible.

Maintaining gas safety competence is essential for registered gas engineers. If assessment centres have enough staff and customers to keep functioning, they should do so and follow advice on good hygiene and encouraging engineers not to attend if they should be self-isolating.

If engineers take all reasonable steps to update their expired ACS certification as soon as possible, and continue to work safely, HSE will permit registered gas engineers to remain on the Register for an additional period during the peak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures.

Engineers may be required to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to renew their qualifications.

Engineers MUST maintain their Gas Safe registration during any extension of their ACS qualification period if they are carrying out gas work.

This is a temporary measure and does not remove the standing requirement for registered gas engineers to maintain their ACS certification and renew certification every 5 years.