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Darren Mould

The problem I see is that any second hand appliance sold to another must have the manufacturers installation instructions provided with the appliance and it must then be installed in line with these instructions as stated by TB022. The question would be, when is it classed as ‘second hand’?
BS617:2010 qualifies second hand as an:
“appliance that is obtained in a used/ refurbished state and installed for that particular gas user for the first time”.

Now if the appliance was left connected when sold to the new tenant, then by the wording it would not necessarily be getting ‘installed’ for the new user as it’s already installed. But if there was a gas incident because for example, the oven safety device had been tampered with, which would not necessarily be picked up on a visual inspection, then I’m not exactly sure who the HSE would be prosecuting or holding responsible and how the above definition would be read/ understood.

What I would probably do in these circumstances is say to the purchasing tenant that we have to re-install the cooker to ensure that it is installed to the manufacturers instructions as required by the Gas Safe TB022. Even though there is a charge for them (justified as it’s being re-installed) you are then covering both your backside and the tenants safety.