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Trevor Percy

Dear Nolan,
I’m also looking at reviewing the Mutual Exchange and Void process.
How did your procedure progress, is this something you could share?

My current thoughts are the same process for Mutual Exchange and Voids with a 2 stage procedure:

Stage 1 – Contractor gains access to the void premises, completes an inspection of all installed fittings/appliances (completing any remedial action as necessary), disconnects and caps the gas meter and issues a Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR) certificate.

Stage 2 – Contractor re-visits the property following a new tenant taking up residency, uncaps and re-connects the gas meter and completes the relevant safety checks/inspections and issues an LGSR certificate.

(An added bonus to this procedure is that any defective or obsolete appliances, such as boilers etc. can be identified and replaced thereby minimising disruption to the new resident).
The same potential risk exists with a mutual exchange property therefore, timescales allowing, the same procedure will be followed in order to minimise the potential risk.

If anyone could share best practice it would be appreciated.