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Trevor Batt

Following on from our news bulletin last week on boiler flues in high-rise dwellings, which relates to the ban on the use of combustible materials in the external walls of such dwellings (>18m), we have been made aware of the following details from MHCLG on the subject:

MHCLG has received a large number of enquiries on the subject including many from local authorities and in the interim, local authorities should consider if they may be able to utilise Section 8 of the Building Act to potentially relax requirements of the regulations on a case by case basis where it is considered that the requirements would be unreasonable in a particular circumstance.

It may be possible that gas boilers with plastic flue components could be considered in particular cases where the local authority is satisfied that the fire risk to the building is very low and alternative heating solutions would result in unreasonable hardship for consumers. Local Authorities must be reminded that any building work should not compromise wider building safety.

Links to the relevant information can be found below:

Whilst the information above may only apply to council or local authority work due to Section 8 of the Building Act, discussions continue and MHCLG and the Government are listening to concerns raised.

If you have any specific questions or comments on this topic, please do post them in the forum of your member website where you will find a discussion thread on this topic.