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    Peter Sandry

    Has anybody any experience of working with consultants regarding the issue of our newly inherited obligation as BNO.
    We have a few blocks in need of upgrade to electrics within individual dwelling units, however to achieve this we will need to upgrade the supplies. The two blocks I have visited contain very old and suspect multi-service distribution boards and the DNO has obviously denied ownership, however they have offered to fit an isolator before the MSDB. The supplies from incomer to meter are also undersized and poorly routed.
    Our in-house electrical provision have offered to undertake the work but I am worried about the bigger picture from correct design through to installation and notification including fire safety, cable routes, services in ducts etc., this is also likely to be the start of a massive project covering many blocks.
    So has anybody got any advice or contacts that may be able to help us through this project.

    As an aside I see Energy Connection Services advertising what appears to be comprehensive service for BNOs, so does anybody have experience of working with them?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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