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    Peter Cleasby

    The regs say for any new tenancy starting from 1st Oct we have to ensure the smoke and CO alarms are in working order on the tenancy start date. We are therefore arranging for staff to attend on tenancy start date and test the alarms via the test button. However we have a number of schemes where the alarms do not have a test button as they are connected to the fire alarm system/warden call system. The only way to test these is by using an actual smoke/co tester, i,e. the a pole and cup that goes over the detector and imitates smoke. We have our fire alarm contractor do this as part of ongoing servicing but its not really practical to get them to attend on every tenancy start date. I was therefore wondering what others are planning to do where they have alarms with no test switches?

    Adam Kitchener

    Hi Peter , As you state the regulations refer to “in working order” For alarm’s with no ability to override test id be looking at manufactures information on self test functionality and fault condition reporting.
    If your servicing the units on a regular basis and the unit self tests indicating fault conditions through visual or audible conditions then id say your doing all that’s reasonably practicable. Those staff that are visiting pre occupation could confirm condition of alarm in normal operation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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