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    We have a contractor who is proposing to issue a cp1 form on completion of handover when a new heating system has been installed.
    I would like to know if other people are happy to have a cp1 or do you insist on a valid lgsr.

    Peter Sandry

    Morning Steve

    We insist on a LGSR for all and any gas work including new installations. We also require the work content to be suitably recorded on the LGSR.

    For our internal work force we have a single version of LGSR which allows a quick tick-box across the top to define work type: Service, Safety Check, Repair, Installation, Void, Mutual Exchange, Visual Inspection or QC

    Trevor Batt


    The content of the CP1 form and the CP12 form are virtually identical so either is fine from a technical information point of view.

    If it is a new installation you are not required under the GSR 1998 to have an landlord gas safety record (CP12) for the first 12 months so that would not be a problem.

    Peter’s comment is very valid in that using the same form all the time helps internal staff but the choice is yours.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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