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    Grahame Bell

    Can I ask please, We have a new build team within our company and when the new builds are being built we use one for a show house/apartment. The new build team will be using this show property as a place of work(between 8.00 and 5.00)also it will be a building where the public have access to.
    If the team want to keep the heating on overnight and over the weekend (property not occupied),would they have to install a gas management system to protect the property in the event of a gas escape?
    I am thinking that as it is now a place of work it falls under the health and safety at work act, so would require a management system fitting. I am trying to convince the team that I am right in trying to safeguard the property/staff and public
    Is this mandatory or best practise?
    Grahame Bell

    Kim Morris

    To my knowledge there is no requirement to install a gas management system, just good practice. Foe peace of mind you could consider something along the lines of a gas shut off valve or an excess flow gas valve which would be a lot cheaper to purchase and install. I have provided a link below to view something similar but I don’t endorse any particular product.

    Regards Kim

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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