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    Peter Sandry

    Not sure if the forums are linked so apologies if you have seen this on the AGSM site.

    What do you all do, if anything, in regards to Leaseholder Gas Safety.

    From my view as a responsible landlord we need to demonstrate that we have taken a legitimate interest in the leaseholder’s safety and the safety of tenants in neighbouring properties. For this I have found 3 main options:
    • Annual maintenance charge for the property including the undertaking of annual service and LGSR
    • Requirement of the lease that appliances are serviced annually (in accordance with MIs) and proof provided to landlord by way of LGSR
    • Landlord offers to undertake the service/LGSR at the same rate as for internal stock.

    Enforcing the option is another thing and really relies on a good leasehold agreement, so probably too late on existing properties.

    The final point: what about shared ownership with a 125 year lease agreement?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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