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    Nolan Dove

    I am know in the process of making my team go mobile working with doing landlords tickets on tablets. Just wondering what people are finding best practice either printing on site or getting the office to print off and send out once emailed through .
    If printing on site is there any equipment they would suggest for printing and how reliable is this and what do they do for security in keeping this in the vans


    Kim Morris


    My thoughts here are, I am assuming the LGSR is completed and cannot be changed once completed on site, the advantage to this is that no everyone accesses or has an email address and some are changed frequently. I would suggest wherever possible print one on site, there is always a back up of the LGSR if you require another copy. For reports in the past we used something like a Canon PIXMA iP110 A4 Colour Inkjet Portable Printer with Battery which is very small and can be easily removed from the van when not required.


    Antony James

    This has been one of the disappointing issues with our mobile system. Printing on-site will only work if you have a good data signal. Our CP12 can only be generated from the back office system and sent back to the device! 🙁 It is just a basic list in the mobile system. We need it to sync with our housing management system so we are pushing to email as many as possible by the engineers collecting email addresses on-site. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at the amount of tenant email addresses they collect that we don’t have in the system.
    We trialled a basic ipad app before we started our mobile project, specifically to test mobile printers. Because we are using ipads we went for the Epson Workforce WF-100 wifi printer as it was the only mobile printer advertised on the Apple Store. The printer worked fine. Cartridges lasted quite well. It’s small and packs up really neatly and cost less than £200 but as I said we are not able to print on-site!
    For document errors we will send someone back. If it’s minor we will retrieve the stored PDF, get the engineer to alter/sign, re-scan and archive and email or send a replacement to the tenant.
    Cheers, Antony

    Trevor Batt

    Antony, thanks for that, always great to get real world experience to help others.


    Nolan Dove


    Thanks for the input we are know trying to get mobile by the end of September so we will be field trailing soon some devices so i will have a look at these with interest

    Thanks Nolan

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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