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    Chris Feeney

    Hi All

    We are currently looking at our GAS KPI and OPI targets.
    And i was just wondering if anyone has any idea if there are standards set out by the RSH that we could be missing?
    We currently Measure as KPI
    Customer satisfaction with the last gas repair or service
    % residential properties with a valid Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (LGSR)
    % residential properties with continued gas compliance
    % of blocks and non-residential assets with continued gas compliance
    Average length of time taken to complete emergency repairs
    Average length of time taken to complete routine repairs
    Appointments kept as a % of appointments made for all Routine jobs
    % Properties passing gas audit
    Average cost of 3* gas service (inc repairs)

    Does anybody measure any other KPI as i cant find a standard as set out by the RSH?

    Kind Regards

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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