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    We have recently come across some smart meters that have been installed in semi concealed meter boxes.
    These were planned by the tenant with their suppliers following the replacement programme.

    My issue is that these meter enclosures are not suitable for smart meters yet they continue to be exchanged. The display cannot adequately be read as it is front facing. I do not understand that if the utility companies clearly express that the semi concealed meter enclosure is not suitable for smart meter that suppliers continue to exchange perfectly good but non smart meters for a meter not deemed suitable.

    Just checking that others have experienced this and I am looking for solutions driven by others that I could action to resolve these issues.


    Have you brought this up with the Utility company. If it is non-standard work according to their guidelines then it is for them to resolve this issue.

    Trevor Batt


    Problems with smart meters installers continues to be an issued raised at the forums, we had a question only last week at the Birmingham event regarding smart meters fitters turning off gas installation due to a broken clip on the pipe and other because there was a dark stain above a flue.

    We did meet with an MP (sorry cant remember which one I wasn’t there) last year regarding the smart meter programme and how RSLs could help but received little commitment.

    We may need to pick this issue up again, sorry to have no answers but you are not alone in having this problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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