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    Nancy Esslemont

    Posted on AESM Forum by John Mercer: –
    Hi all, I am interested in your interpretation and approach to regulation 443.4.1 Protection against overvoltage’s (SPDs) shall be provided where the consequences caused by the over voltage could result in:
    1, Serious injury or loss of human life
    2, Failure of a safety service, as defined as (An electrical system for electrical equipment provided to protect or warn persons in the event of a hazard, or essential to their evacuation from a location.
    3, Significant financial loss

    specifically, Number 2, around domestic part 6 fire detection and where this regulation would apply
    1. Replacement of any smoke alarm or detection
    2. installation of new smoke alarm circuit
    3. Addition to an existing circuit i.e., upgrade from LD3 to LD2

    It’s mainly number 3 were we have issues in should this require SPDs and if so what type and location would protect the detection completely?
    dependant on the distance type 3 SPDs may be required close to each detector as opposed to the type 2 on or near the supply incomer
    It is not practicable or affordable to install SPDs on many of our installations we are currently upgrading LD3 to LD2 and would urge it is a sensible approach in these instances to at least continue with the upgrade without the SPD rather than do neither.
    Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated

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