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    Dan Sword


    I work for a housing association which has a portfolio of around 18,000 properties. We have recently started to carry out legionella risk assessments on our domestic portfolio. If tanks are identified as part of this assessment, then we rectify any issues found to lower the risk and bring the tank up to standard.

    We are looking to add these tanks onto an inspection programme, but I’m trying to gauge what frequency other organisations inspect cold water tanks, found in domestic properties?

    I feel that annually may be excessive for the following reasons. 1) We are rectifying any issues with the tanks and cleaning where required. 2) The tanks themselves are low-volume with high turnover under normal operation. 3) We also have a process to flush void properties on a weekly basis, when properties become vacant.

    In theory a combination of the above factors should mean these cold water tanks are fairly low risk, but any further info on other people’s processes/inspection regimes for tanks (found in domestic properties) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Dan.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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