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After many years of campaigning by the Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM), along with campaign partners CORGI Technical Services and Homegroup, as of 6th April 2018, Regulation 36a came into force, enabling Landlords’ Gas Safety Records to be carried out on a more flexible ‘MOT-style’ schedule. This has given landlords greater flexibility in carrying out regulatory annual gas safety checks allowing more efficient scheduling and a greater focus on hard to access and hard to reach properties.

Having worked closely with HSE on the new regulation, the Association of Gas Safety Managers believe that new Regulation 36a will not only help landlords smooth out the process of carrying out Landlords gas safety records (LGSRs) – a legal requirement for all rented properties, but also give residents greater certainty of when the safety checks will be carried out. In response to the changes, Claire Heyes, CEO of the AGSM said:

“One of the biggest challenges our Members face is gaining access to carry out the LGSR with a significant cost to the sector, so I was determined the AGSM would do all it could to help make improvements. In response to this, we worked closely with the HSE on the benefits of the new MOT-style servicing scheme which is already being actioned by many of our member organisations. Working closely with our determined and dedicated members, we have taken the industry forward, and I couldn’t be prouder of our achievements.”

The new MOT-style of servicing is not compulsory, and therefore Landlords are not obligated to implement the new scheme, however it does offer significant advantages for landlords, tenants and contractors.  Under the new scheme, gas servicing can be completed up to two months before the anniversary of the previous check whilst retaining the existing expiry date. Currently, to ensure compliance, many organisations operate a four or eight-week access process to try and minimise the potential for repeat servicing and the extra costs involved, whilst making sure that safety checks are completed in good time.

If you wish to learn more about the full benefits of the scheme members can do so by contacting the AGSM directly at

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The AGSM Gas Access Waste Estimator is only a guide, as every housing provider has different circumstances, but this estimator takes into consideration average numbers of properties with gas appliances and costs per property for carrying out the LGSR across the UK.

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