IGEM Workshop – Recognition of training – 19th February 2020

IGEM is facilitating a workshop at the IGEM offices on 19th February to cover Recognition of training – a review of the audit outcomes from 2019.

The agenda is to include:
• Background
• Audits undertaken in 2019
• Audit outcomes and areas for improvement
• Audit feedback
• Audit plan for 2020
• Audit themes/questions for 2020
• The progress on the review of IGEM/IG/1 Standards of training in gas work
• The progress on the review of the Domestic and Domestic metering/ESP Training specifications.

HHIC are part of the IG/1 review panel but this event may be of interest to those members developing of delivering training in gas work.

Register your interest by contacting Peter Hurst, Technical Officer for IGEM by e-mail peter@igem.org.uk