Managing gas safety in new builds

The issues surrounding the management of gas safety in new builds were discussed by Lee Carter, Technical Safety Manager at CORGI Technical Services, addressing concerns raised by Gas Managers as well as the experiences encountered by CORGI during inspections.

“It has become clear that Teams working on new developments appear to be working in isolation without adequate inspections and checks. Completion certificates might be produced by a registered gas contractor, but at handover of the building, defects have been identified which social housing providers are having to rectify at further cost. Control of this work by the social housing providers appears to have diminished and for mixed tenure schemes there seems to be no clear processes for maintaining gas safety in void periods.”

“The issue of Flues in concealed Voids has drawn attention to the practices in new builds,” continued Lee. “Clients must have a presence during building work to undertake a level of Gas Quality Control. There need to be regular inspections during the work and at final sign-off. Be Proactive – ensure the work is being carried out by properly qualified teams, hold regular monthly progress meetings, carry out on-going inspections and ensure that you have gas technical representation.”

“Social Housing providers have a joint responsibility for the new buildings – Health and Safety responsibilities are defined by criminal law and cannot be passed from one party to another.”