Mission statement

The Mission for the AGSM is to

  1. Provide one voice in the sector
  2. Raise standards through education, sharing of best practice and standard setting
  3. Assist organisations in facing the on-going challenges of safety, compliance and cost in a changing landscape
  4. Mitigate societal risk – risk determination, evaluation and management
  5. Raise the profile of gas safety in organisations at all levels
  6. Recognise and reward personal and organisation achievement
  7. Move the industry forward in demonstrable ways, creating real value for our members and the industry
  8. Reach out to our members to empower them and raise their professional status by providing CPD, networking and development opportunities
  9. Be thought leaders in gas safety management in Social Housing and Facilities Management and create real value
  10. Raise the profile of gas safety with government and industry bodies to positively influence change