Heat Plus/ Boiler Plus definition

Response to question regarding Heat Plus during the January 2018 Technical Meetings


‘Heat Plus’ more commonly known as ‘Boiler Plus’… was put forward by DECC (a government department) who have proposed a number of options designed to help increase the efficiency of boilers and reduce emissions.

Changes to technical standards under Building Regulations Approved Document L1b (also known as Boiler Plus) are due to come into effect in April 2018 and will apply to England only.

The measures include a minimum 92% ErP space heating energy efficiency rating for all gas boilers together with mandatory time and temperature control for all boiler types. Combi boiler installations must include one of the following options:

Weather compensation
Load compensation
Flue gas heat recovery
Smart control with automation and optimisation functions

The new rules have been developed to give consumers a better understanding of the products that best suit their needs, as well as reducing carbon emissions and improving boiler installation efficiencies.

Despite major technological leaps in heating systems over the past decade, nearly a third of homes in England are still heated by older, inefficient boilers. The Boiler Plus measures will eventually see these systems phased out over time, which will help the environment and save money for homeowners.

“Technology continues to change the game, bringing about rising expectations and standards. With the cost of heating a home making up about 60% of household bills, installing an interconnected and smart energy system is an easy way to make savings,”