Securing standards in gas safety

The Standards Officer for the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), Nick Cowling, spoke to the Conference about some of the key legislation and standards to which all gas work should conform. With the Health & Safety at Work Act, Gas Safety Regulations and Building Regulations forming the key standards to be met, he also talked about the IGEM standards that had been around since the 1960s and were widely respected. 

Nick highlighted three key areas for particular consideration for which the IGEM had set specific standards – Gas in Flats, Domestic Testing and Shared Flues. With existing installations for Gas in Flats, several key requirements were identified in IGEM/G/5, including responsibility for plant location, ventilation, jointing, external stresses, valves, and meter locations.  

For Domestic Testing, standard IGEM/UP/1B addressed specific situations such as where there is a known suspected gas escape, or complete loss of supply pressure or the routine testing of existing installations. The Standard for Shared Flues, IGEM/UP/17, was a new standard whose scope included traditional and new flue systems, their use and maintenance and the connection of appliances.

Nick concluded by highlighting the importance of adhering to these standards to ensure the highest level of safety in flats. More details about all IGEM standards can be found on their website.