The AGSM one year on – much achieved – much more to do

Looking back over the first year of the AGSM at the AGSM Westminster Reception on 5th November, Claire Heyes, Joint CEO of the AGSM highlighted the significant milestones already achieved and the focus for the future. Presented by Tony Henderson-Newport in Claire Heyes’ absence, her message was:

“It is just over a year since the Association was launched and it has been a fantastic year. We are now leading a new approach to gas safety and have created a powerful new voice. In this short space of time we have

  • 153 members representing over two million homes
  • Launched AGSM Corporate membership with three new members
  • 250 managers undergoing training
  • Trained 95 people as Level 2 gas safety administrators
  • Awarded two businesses with CORGI Gas Safety Accreditation
  • Held the first Gas Safety Management Conference in 2013
  • Held 40 regional Gas Forums throughout the UK and one National Gas Forum
  • Put the AGSM voice to Housing Association CEOs at a parliamentary event
  • Held the first Westminster Reception and put views to MPs and Lords”

“But we can’t stand still,” continued Claire. “There is much more to do and we need to work with you and your directors to bring about further change – change in cultures, standards and to create real value. This will help safeguard lives and save the sector millions of pounds.”

“Our vision for the Association consisted of ten objectives and I am sure you will agree we are delivering on those objectives and making things happen. The AGSM is already making an impact by

  • Coming together to provide one voice in this sector
  • Raising standards through education and sharing of best practice
  • Recognising and rewarding personal success and organisational achievement
  • Moving the industry forward in demonstrable ways
  • Empowering AGSM members to raise their professional status
  • Providing leadership in gas safety in Social Housing and Facilities Management in the UK
  • Raising the profile of gas safety in organisations at all levels”

“Thank you for your commitment,” concluded Claire. “There are many issues to tackle in this sector and we welcome your views and contribution to helping to make those changes.”









Baroness Maddock attending the AGSM Reception and posing questions