The art of effective communications

With welfare reforms and budgetary pressures placing an added burden on Gas Managers, Jean Dowson from the Chartered Management Institute spoke about the importance of developing effective communications skills.

“The ability to communicate effectively is a crucial skill,” said Jean. “Whether  this is an upward communication to Board members or a routine communication to your engineers or other staff, getting your message across can be the key to preventing accidents nor fatalities as well as ensuring successful outcomes to what you want to achieve.”

Jean asked the delegates to carry out exercises to demonstrate listening and speaking skills taking into consideration visual, auditory and kinaesthetics – how we make decisions based on what we see, what we hear and out gut feelings on what is right.

“We aren’t all the same,” continued Jean. “We all react to information in a different way and we all need to receive information in a different way in order to be able to deal with it and understand it. Developing an understanding of these communication methods and adapting your style to suit the recipient and circumstances can be the key to ensuring you get the successful outcome that you want.”