Gas Safety Management Conference 2014 – Content & topics

National AGSM Gas Forum event on Tuesday 29th April

Topics to be covered at the National AGSM Gas Forum event at the Conference on Tuesday 29th April will include:-

  • ‘Flooding’ of Properties with gas appliances & pipework
  • CO Management – CO Detector Activations and Meter exchanges.
  • CO and Combustion checks – CPA1
    Combustion and flue integrity checks will be mandatory from April 2014 on any newly installed and commission boiler and these values must be recorded on the Benchmark check list, supplied with the appliance:
    – Checking flue integrity
    – Flue gas analysis
  • Atmosphere sampling for CO2 and CO – CMDDA1
    CMDDA1 is an ACS assessment that tests the gas safety competence of an operative in the work of carrying out carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide room monitoring & combustion performance testing using electronic portable gas analysers on domestic gas appliances following indication of fumes, smells, spillage or leakage of combustion products and CO detector activation etc.

Courtroom scenario – when things go wrong – demystifying the court process

“The roofers left the flue like that – I didn’t even know there was work being done on the roof!” Is this a defence?

Accidents involving gas may lead to criminal prosecutions, inquests, and/or civil proceedings. In serious cases personnel are at risk of being called to account in the witness box. Doubt may be cast on their experience, records and the procedures followed by them and their organisation.

This session has been designed to demystify the process of giving evidence.

It begins with a theory session, where the procedures involved in giving evidence and the roles of different people involved will be examined. Techniques lawyers use in cross-examination and how to justify decision-making will be also explored. The second part of the presentation will involve a mock cross-examination, where the techniques will be demonstrated in practice. This cross-examination session will be based on a real-life example, and will show to those tasked with assessing risk how documentation can be used as evidence and how it can be challenged.

The session will be led by Bond Solon who are the UK’s leading legal training company for non-lawyers, providing training to a broad range of public and commercial organisations.

Rob Gray – Barrister
Rob was called to the Bar in 1993 and spent 11 years working in the Criminal Justice System. Rob practised in the field of criminal litigation, appearing for both the prosecution and defence.

Access – how do you tackle this major issue?

Access to carry out gas safety checks and servicing can be problematic and costly for housing providers. It can leave the housing provider at risk of non-compliance and potential litigation, if something went wrong such as a CO incident.

This session will address this complex subject, providing useful insights, case studies and tools to deal with the ongoing challenge of access and compliance. Hear from North Lincolnshire Homes and Cambridge City Council and add you views and experiences to the discussion.

Risk management – a view from the Board

Ian Thompson, Executive Director Asset Management and Helen White, Chair of First Ark Group will give a Board perspective on managing risk.

Getting a full commitment by your Board to the responsibilities and risks in managing gas safety is crucial to raising awareness and standards, Hear about this from two Board members and how they have established priorities across their organisation.

Energy efficiency funding

Matthew Rhodes, MD of Encraft, will address the key of Energy efficiency funding. Encraft is an engineering and building physics consultancy, specialising in low carbon energy systems for buildings. Encraft works extensively with social landlords, local authorities and commercial customers developing large scale retrofit schemes and supporting leading-edge energy efficiency and distributed energy projects.

Matthew will address the topic of funding these crucial projects.

Reducing the cost of servicing & repair – opportunities & innovation

Peter Black. MD of PH Jones which is part of British Gas, will look at how you can reduce costs by applying innovation.

Martin Orrrill, British Gas gives vision of the future

Martin Orrill, Head of Energy Technology and Innovation at British Gas Business Services, will speak on “Social Housing – a vision of the home of the future”. Martin is responsible for the deployment of Energy Efficiency, Low carbon and renewable products.

MOT style of servicing – discussion on survey results

Our survey on an ‘MOT’ style of servicing, received over 200 responses and the results will be published at the Conference. There will be an opportunity to discuss the results with our panel of experts and be instrumental in developing a model that can be taken forward to the relevant stakeholders.

Regulation 8 – latest issues & changes

This regulation prohibits any person from carrying out any alteration to premises in which a gas fitting or storage vessel is already installed which could compromise gas safety. The regulations also prohibit any work on a gas fitting or associated flue/ventilation system which would result in danger to any person.

The Conference session will cover:

  • Modifications to properties
  • Cladding / Rough casting of properties
  • Roofing Projects