There are two types of AGSM Membership:-

Full AGSM MembershipAGSM_ICON_200

Full members of the AGSM have either completed or are studying for one of the industry recognised CORGI Level 4 VRQ in Gas Safety Management. We also offer membership to those who have completed a Level 4 Gas Safety qualification with an alternative awarding body. Individuals without a Level 4 Gas Qualification may also apply for membership, providing they are gas competent, work in a managerial position and can supply details of relevant qualifications and experience.


AGSM Corporate MembershipAGSM_ICON_CM_400

Corporate membership of the Association of Gas Safety Managers is open to any organisation that has responsibility for gas safety management, such as a Housing Association, Asset Management or Facilities Management businesses, and Contractors. Your staff should either be able to demonstrate sufficient industry experience, or alternatively have completed or be undertaking CORGI’s Level 4 VRQs in Gas Safety Management, which brings benefits both for your organisation and members of the gas team.


Contact us at the Association of Gas Safety Managers

For more information and to find out about AGSM Membership please contact us on 01256 548040 or email


AGSM/AESM Membership Terms and Conditions:

  1. Membership is open to all who have a responsibility for Gas and Electrical safety
  2. Only those members who have completed a CORGI Level 4 qualification will be entitled to use the letters “AGSM” or “AESM” after their name. These members will be known as “Graduates”.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse membership at any time for any reasonable reason, conflict or solicitation related to the good and benefit of the company, members and/or employees.